These researches focus on the analysis of the soil composition from the geotechnical point of view and through the extraction of modified and  unmodified  soil.
They usually consist in surface surveys ditches, wells, drillings, penetrative tests and geophysical researches.
Due to the difficult environmental conditions of soils, generally landslides, or in case of very complex interventions, ad hoc researches are planned and performed with specific equipment and by high qualified and experienced staff.
GEOTECH   S.R.L. adopts the most innovating solutions  and owns equipment which enable the staff to carry out exhaustive researches for rapid analysis of the realistic data.

GEOTECH   S.R.L. carries out:

  Static and dynamic penetrative tests
2   Traditional drills and bore-drills
3   Dilatation tests
4   Load tests on plates
5   Cut-off test in situ
6   Prove SPT in foro
7   SPT test in hole
8   Taking away of altered, partially altered and unaltered samples of soil
9   Laying of Casagrande cells and piezometric pipes
10   Settlement gauge and inclinometers  laying