Foundation piles  either convey the superstructure load to a deep and resistant subsoil layer through soft and unfit grounds, or they spread the weight of the construction to wide layers of the soil adequately resistant to the load. They are associated to particular foundation issues, to dangerous subsoil conditions and, generally, to cases needing  special study and care.
The lack of specific laws ruling foundation piling performances, neither concerning their designing and planning nor the load test, highlights the Company’s commitment and experience as the leading traits for the performance of any foundation piles works.
Beyond supplying essential services to designers and technicians, GEOTECH s.r.l. carries out fixed piles interventions in order to consolidate and increase the density of the soil, as well as drilling piles of unlimited diameter and length.
GEOTECH s.r.l. is also well experienced in the consolidation of existing foundations either by drilling connected piles clamped together to the stonework, or by the realization of a sub-foundation of the stonework with prefabricated components piles.